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Q: Have video games been dominated for too long by muscle-bound Arnie lookalikes?

A: I'm not sure I'm qualified to answer that because I don't play them. My mansion in England has been without electricity for some years now. I had been stranded in the Gobi Desert and didn't return in time to pay my bill - I don't miss it at all.

Q: I see. How about the exploring profession then? Far too many Indiana Jones lookalikes?

A: There are plenty of mugs sniffing around tombs these days, but a fedora hat and a cool pair of chinos doesn't guarantee them all fortune and glory. I find most of them dead in catacombs, often missing a head or a hand - I think they try to hold on to their fedoras for too long. Overdressing like this is a common failing - I find shorts and a leotard more than adequate enough. Though a whip does go a long way in my book.

Q: Who is it, then, that you respect the most?

A: All the ancient ones who respected themselves enough to design such harsh tombs in which to be buried - and gave me my task in life. Nobody goes to trouble like that anymore.

Q: Tell us about your childhood?

A: My childhood was really very normal; I live with my parents and our servants in Surrey. At 11, I went to boarding school in Scotland and discovered rock-climbing - soloing many mountain routes there during netball practice. I also joined the shooting club but was instantly banned for showing too keen an interest

Q: Is your lifestyle funded by your family heirloom or the artifacts you acquire?

A: I put the family heirloom into storage a long time ago - it's really not a very interesting collection of antiques. My local pawn shop usually gives me good returns for the artifacts I collect, but recently Penguin approached me about publishing some of my travel writings - with books like 'Slaying Bigfoot' and 'A Tyrannosaurus is Jawing at my Head.

Q: Who first approached you for the role?

A: I hardly consider my life as a role.

Q: Tomb Raider has been compared to Mario64 on Nintendo's new console, the N64. Have you ever met a short, fat Italian called Mario?

A: No I haven't. We're not compatible, as he's in Nintendo - which is a shame, as I enjoy small, fast moving targets.

Q: What's it like being a role model?

A: I can't say I've thought about it much - else would I still mutilate furry animals and raid ancient, sacred tombs? Well, probably. It's not really a problem for me - Julia Roberts once moaned that she could no longer dance naked in the street or something, but as yet I don't feel my actions to be constrained in any way. Raiding tombs is actually a very anonymous activity - there's only the dead watching your every move.

Q: Were you asked to do anything in the game you feel uncomfortable with?

A: Dying is always an uncomfortable experience, it takes a lot out of you. Although being scalped by bats is quite humiliating as well.

Q: Is it true you were asked to pose naked for a Loaded centerfold?

A: Yes, but they really meant it - no guns, not even my pistols. So I refused.

Q: Weren't you enticed with the prospect of appearing alongside such talents as Joanne Guest?

A: I've never discovered what it is she's done to develop such fame. Whatever feat she has achieved, I certainly admire her ability to cash in on the publicity. I'm not sure why she takes her clothes off, though - her vital statistics are a bit diminutive for it. Surely she can't be doing her true talent any justice?

Q: What's the next project for you?

A: I've been considering redecorating my house for quite some time. Maybe it's about time I did that. Vrh stranice