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Freelance adventurer Lara Croft talks about her new adventure Tombraider 3. So sit back and prepare to get the bottom line, as everyone's favourite silicon super-babe speaks to UK Editor Ian Howie.

GameSpot UK: Why are you at ECTS how does it compare with E3?

Lara Croft: Well, I'm here to star in my new game Tomb Raider III -surely you must have heard all about my latest adventure by now? ECTS is certainly not as big, as hot or as noisy as E3... but interesting nonetheless. And of course it's an extremely important show for me - it'll be the first time a lot of the European press have seen Tomb Raider III so I'll be doing my best to impress!

GameSpot UK: At E3 you appeared on a big video screen, why aren't you doing the same at ECTS?

Lara Croft: Unfortunately there isn't enough space or time to set up all the equipment for the satellite link - it's a shame since I really enjoyed talking to the people at E3...

GameSpot UK: Tell us about Tomb Raider III

Lara Croft: Well, Tomb Raider III combines the best elements of its two predecessors: the atmosphere, vast locations, puzzle-solving and exploration elements. They all combine to offer players an enhanced environment which features a 50-50 balance between exploration and action.

GameSpot UK: How are the levels different?

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider III's non-linear levels will present players with more than one route to complete each level. There is also a new structure with five separate 'adventures' which link together. After completing the first adventure, the following three may be played in any order, before the fifth level brings the game to its conclusion. A new save-game system has also been implemented, offering 'easy' and 'difficult' options.

GameSpot UK: Tell us about the AI

Lara Croft: My enemies artificial intelligence has also been improved and allows for more sophisticated combat techniques as they react far more realistically -even running away when I approach. It is now possible to sneak past some of my enemies and duck behind objects whilst shooting.

As well as a completely new landscape system that allows much greater detail than the previous games, Tomb Raider III elements such as multi-coloured lighting, weather effects and more realistic execution for flames, explosions and water surfaces. All of these elements have been designed to give the game more depth and the player more satisfaction!

Is that enough for now? Obviously I'm not going to tell you everything - a girl has to have a few secrets you know!

GameSpot UK: Do you fear a press backlash against the new game? Quite a few journalists have said that this is a sequel too far.

Lara Croft: Well, I must admit that I was initially a bit concerned that I might not have enough time to research and actually finish the new adventure, but I'm extremely confident now that this will be THE Tomb Raider. The programming team have done wonders with the engine and level editor, plus my new moves really give me a lot more scope for exploration. I know a year seems like quite a short time in games development, but Core wouldn't release the game unless they felt it offered the player enough new and improved elements. The team have done plenty of research to find out what my fans liked and disliked about Tomb Raider I and II - and they've also worked exceptionally hard to bring in new puzzle elements, more realistic enemies and fantastic environments. This is the most adventurous game by far!

GameSpot UK: Which is the best location in the new game?

Lara Croft: My personal favourite has to be London, although I've visited on numerous occasions, I've never had the time to really explore the city...until now!

GameSpot UK: In the new game can you use your knife to find secrets and items in rocks or cliffs?

Lara Croft: Sorry but I won't actually have a knife. Well, not this time anyway.. But I do have some great new weapons such as the rocket launcher, grenade launcher and a desert eagle.

GameSpot UK: Where are you living these days?

Lara Croft: When I'm not globe-trotting, my residence is at my ancestral mansion in Surrey.

GameSpot UK: Are you playing any games at the moment?

Lara Croft: I wish I had the time... the 'games' I play require a lot more activity than pushing buttons... Vrh stranice