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Lara Croft is back and the freelance adventuress is taking no prisoners as she reveals all in an exclusive tete-a-tete with GameSpot UK, where the star of the Tomb Raider series talks about movies, games and her recent adventures in the land of the Pharaohs.

So what have you been up to since Tomb Raider III?
Well there's not been much time for a rest, but I've undergone some remodelling and my joints are now feeling more supple that ever. As for the more interesting side of things, I'm currently spending most of my time in Egypt...

What's you favourite drink these days?
No time for champagne - I really need to keep a clear head considering the nature of the task in hand... Luke-warm bottled water's not up to much but it's the only thing available. Food and drink is the last thing on my mind right now, but Lucozade should definitely tap the Egyptian market if only for the sake of the camels - they could certainly use a boost!

Where are you living at the moment?
I'm based in various Egyptian locations - fortunately I haven't had to waste any time globetrotting. Jet lag was almost becoming a way of life so it's a refreshing change being able to stay in a single country and explore it properly.

Any plans to settle down and start a family?
That kind of future seems pretty remote at the moment

What's the best thing to happen to you this year?
I managed to take time out to appear in the Lucozade commercial - which was great fun. Those dogs were real you know, but nothing compared to my Auntie's Corgi, savage little beast that it is! My recent Egyptian experiences are the best thing so far in terms of adventure... but I have a lot more to do here yet.

How do you think fans are going to react to the new game?
'New' is certainly the right word for it - Core has made some really dramatic changes this time and the gameplay's accessible to both loyal fans and beginners alike. I think that The Last Revelation is going to be a very rewarding experience for everyone who is willing to take up its challenge. The changes definitely reflect my own experiences in Egypt so far. I hope I get the chance to play it myself...

What do you think of you're newest look-a-like Lara Weller?
From what I've heard she's doing a great job and coping very well with all the attention. She seems to be an adventurous soul, so no doubt she'll take it all in her stride.

Any news on your new film?
I haven't heard any more news on that recently. I believe it's still due to be released next summer, but that the actress hasn't been cast yet. I guess it's a tough job since flesh and blood isn't quite as versatile or durable as silicone!

Our Fashion fans want to know what are you wearing this season? Are brown shorts still in?
Very much so - I won't need much of a costume change since the weather's pretty consistent out here - and there are far more important things to be thinking about than fashion...

Will you be in any more Lucozade ads?
No plans - and I definitely can't take any time out right now, much as I'd like a little light relief.
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