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DIJALOZI iz svih scena i FMV filmova u Tomb Raideru 2
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SCENA 1 - posle nivoa 1, GREAT WALL

Lara: "Pardon me, if that was just your way of trying the doors for me."
Claudio: "Heh heh heh heh, with a tommy gun on my key-ring."
Lara: "Though not anymore... so after you."
Claudio:"Somehow you don't behave like you got a monk's blood."
Lara: "I understand that somehow is in my favor. So indulge me about the dagger. I'd be indebted with your life."
Claudio: "These doors are waiting for the right one, the right time to arrive, and then the dagger's blade will honor the hearts of those who believe. So unless you pledge your loyalty as well..."
Lara: "And which one is that?"
Claudio: "To the sins and fortunes of Marco Bartoli!"
Lara: "Perhaps not just yet, then,"
Lara: "Aha! Gianni Bartoli. Via Caravelli, Venice."

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SCENA 2 - posle nivoa 4, OPERA HOUSE

Fabio: "It's not the workload that is worrying me... perhaps the tide has gulped it away - perhaps Gianni had never... I don't know... it's just his grave has surrendered nothing, like we say, 'substantial'. It's all very interesting - oh yes, I'm sure of it.. believe me - but it's not quite the same now is it?"
Marco: "Someday you will get a speeding ticket for that tongue, Fabio."
Fabio: "Hey, it's just a gut feeling, but maybe you are wrong to look there."
Marco: "Is your belief so fragile? Relax. Breathe deep. The gut, Fabio, has no more direction than a simple 'through and out'. Honest perhaps, but not enlightened... When my father left when I was a boy, he confided to me that he was enlightened... beckoned by something greater than impulse. He possessed the Seraph - but he was just a disciple in this design. His death plotting a path to be sought by the one, his son. You understand? Have faith Fabio, not gut-rot. We are searching the right place."
Fabio: "I know it. I believe it, Marco."
Marco: "Eros, have you... fixed that rail yet?"
Eros: "Sí!"

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SCENA 3 - posle nivoa 6, DIVING AREA

Marco: "Blood or answers, I have no preference. He should spill a bit of both!" Marco threatens, growing impatient.
Gunman: "Okay Marco! Glad to have to have you aboard... What do you want? Come on... Stick through your stomach? Tell me, where in monastery should we look? Eh, brother?"
Monk: "Oh, you are not one of them."
Lara: "But you are a monk?"
Monk: "Brother Chan Barkhang. You have come for me. I saw bright light surround me."
Lara: "That was gunfire. I think it was them who got taken away by it."
Chan: "But you are my guide. My path-beater to next incarnation. I have done my time here, haven't I?"
Lara: "What are you doing here... with Marco Bartoli?" Lara asks back. She then spots some wetsuits hanging on the wall, and finds one that she'll fit into.
Chan: "Nothing! I... I led righteous life... here for reasons rooted only in necessary evil, as my father was before me when he bombed Gianni's vessel deep into these waters. Now I'm here... Uh... was here, to prevent his son from salvaging the Seraph."
Lara: "The Seraph?" Lara interrupts.
Chan: "You not know my life's work well. You sure you not here for them?"
Lara: "Their Jackanory days are well over."
Chan: "They want the Seraph to unlock a malignant treasure we contain in our monastery in Tibet. Since being stolen by imbecile vagabonds centuries ago, we been without key to it. Relying solely on cleansing of our prayers to keep it subdued. Then the occultist, Gianni B., acquired it. Trouble we knew. He breathed life back into ancient belief. One not to be stopped by any amount of head bowing. And now again it is here - Marco, infected with madness. He has violent mind, but not yet the power to satiate it. So we reach for our weapons once more."
Lara: "The true Dettox of evil."
Chan: "Where can you be taking me? Thought this was my big break. Guess change is good as rest. [sigh] Huh, I need one."

Neka objašnjenja:
* "Jackanory" je naziv dečje TV emisije u Engleskoj u kojoj poznate ličnosti čitaju priče.
** "Dettox" je ime sredstva za čišćenje (nešto kao "Domestos" kod nas) koje se prodaje u Engleskoj. Reklamira se sa porukom "Ubija sve poznate klice na mrtvo." (Kills all known germs dead.)

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